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Crowdfunding for Cosplay Stars, Kawaii Girls and cute Influencers


Start fundraising for your cosplay projects, receive recurring donations with your own donate button or start your own cosplay fanpage to collect daily pledges. Enable STRIPE to receive your earnings immediately. Kawaii.com’s handling fee is as low as 5% of all funds, so 95% is for you and your money is going to your account directly.


With your kawaii.com account you can promote all your social media pages or your YouTube videos for free and get a lot of new followers & subscribers. You can embed your kawaii.com campaign on every other website. Kawaii.com will actively promote you on all media channels and in all partner networks. Expand your reach and get maximum exposure.


In order to get maximum support from the community prepare a nice campaign video and introduce yourself and your project. Best videos will be shown here on our homepage! Have some nice photos ready, define your reward levels and tell your supporters what they will get. After creating your project upload content that will only be visible for supporters according to their pledge level.

Kawaii.com is the home of the cutest creators. Be a fan and promoter


Support your favorite creator by sharing projects, by making a pledge or use the Donate button of your favourite creator. Brands who are sending monthly recurring payments to a creator will be publicly shown in the creators profile page as exclusive sponsor partner of this person. With your help our creators can live their dreams and create more amazing content! Be a proud supporter.


Creators really appreciate your help, in exchange you will get early access to special fan content like pictures, videos, behind the scenes material, access to facebook live streams, personal Dropboxes and much more. If you are a cosplayer and you support another cosplayer, you will get additional exposure yourself. Your kawaii.com profile will be shown to all other supporters of a project and this means you will get more followers and backers yourself.


Kawaii.com has one of the highest paying Affiliate Programs. Just get your personal referral link and cash in 10% on every converted visitor that you bring to this website with lifetime commission. If someone you brought is purchasing something in the future, you will always get 10% again (!!). No other platform offers that. So sharing others projects on your own social media pages will get you an additional income.

Create projects that you love and live from it. Let's get you paid! Over 2 million visitors per month. 5 minutes to create your own fanpage or project.

Join the Kawaii.com family – Tag tweets with @kawaiidotcom to be featured here on the homepage & all our Social Media pages. Kawaii.com’s hashtag is #kawaiidotcom on Twitter, Facebook, Vero, Line and Instagram

Kawaii.com is made by Cosplayers for Cosplayers with ♥ in Tokyo and Berlin. Still new and fresh. Be part of the creation. We'll implement your ideas.

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