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More Advertising and Cooperation possibilities

Homepage Video Slider
Place a full width video in the homepage video slider (this is the slider on the top of the homepage, your video will be shown after the weekly Staff Pick video on position number 2. All videos in the slider are in a loop) You can add a CTA button (Call to Action button) to your video and a overlay graphic. For example you show your product video and over the video is a Facebook Follow us button or a Visit our website, or a button to purchase a product directly etc.) Video starts in auto play mode.

Homepage bottom Youtube Video
Show a Youtube Video in the bottom part of the homepage.

Menu tap redirect
Rent a menu tap in our website that is visible on all webpages that directly shows your webstore. For example: we add the tap “SHOP” to our menu, and if users click on it we will send them to the purchase page of your online shop or we can also show your shop with iframe code on our website. Clients will do direct purchases and visits on your domain.

Smart App Banner homepage
Smart App Banner on the homepage of Get direct App downloads by placing a Smart-App Banner on our homepage. When user will access the site with an IOS device (iphone,ipad etc.) or with Android a Download Banner will be shown on the top of the page with direct download link of your App in Google Play and the Appstore.

Facebook Like Widget
Facebook like- Homepage widget. Get many likes for your facebook page. A pop up will be shown after 10 seconds. People can directly hit like for your facebook page.

Logout redirect
Logout redirect to your website. We offer to add a Logout Menu tap to the main menu. On click users are leaving and will be redirected to your own URL. This means everyone who is exiting will see your website or webstore. This is an amazing premium option to get huge traffic for you (only accepted for companies and products that fit’s image).

Free options for cooperation partners

Free Banner exchange
Our banner on your homepage in exchange for your banner with the same size on our homepage (1000 x 150). We will show your banner as long as you keep our banner on your website.

Please use this banner code (copy & paste):
<object width="1000" height="150" data=""></object>

Footer Link exchange “powered by” Text-Link footer area. Your Company name in our footer on all pages with link to your website in exchange for our name: “ – The Patron for Cosplayer” with link to in your footer on all your pages or our banner (1000×150) on your homepage.

Submit your products in exchange for Ad-Space
For fashion and beauty brands. Send us your products and we will give you free banner space or other features in exchange. Your products will be given to the official Ambassadors of Ambassadors are the top influential associates who represent the platform. Our Ambassadors are handpicked charismatic Cosplay Stars and Kawaii Idols with an established fan community and maximum reach. They are the face Sharing products with them is another great way for effective promotion, since many of them do frequent photo shootings and vlogs with sponsor products.

Event promotion
Print the Logo ( .ai Vector graphic) on your event posters, flyers and in all visual graphics of your event in exchange for a full homepage feature of your event with redirect links during the preparation time of your event and during the event. Includes sharing all your tweets.

Kawaii is one of the most trending search and tag words, and is the No.1 top destination for the power word “kawaii”. is your high traffic gate to reach the international fan community of Cosplay and Cute Culture

Think about the top 5 words that come to your mind when you think about how your target group is searching content and products and how they tag their posts to be visible for others. What are the words that describe their passion and their lifestyle. What are the magic words to find Japanese and cute Asian lifestyle products? If “kawaii” is in your list, than make sure your are present on

Google Trends for “kawaii”. Evolution of one of the most important marketing words in history

Instgram posts with hashtag #kawaii =26.675.901

Google search results “kawaii”= 354.999.000+

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