Affiliate – How it works

The aim of the Affiliate System is to reward everyone who is actively promoting or projects.

Thats an amazing way to earn money even with the projects of others.

How it works

After sign-in you will get your unique referral link. Place this link whereever you want on the Internet. You can use it as text link or attach it to banners or to buttons. If someone is clicking on your link and does a pledge on you will receive 10% of the transaction price. All visitors that are signing up on because of your links will bring you commissions for life time. You will always get your 10% cash share on all future purchases!


If you have a social media page with many followers, just place your referral link in your profile. For example on twitter, instagram or display your link on your YouTube Channel. You can see the performance of your links in the Affiliate Area dashboard.

Add your links to interesting tweets, because even when they get shared by many others you will always get your commission.


Choose submit a direct link in the Affiliate Area DIRECT LINKS (f.e. the domain of your own website). If your domain gets approved you will not need a Affiliate link. All traffic that comes from your website will be paid.

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