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Become an associate of kawaii.com
If you are an influential Cosplayer or Kawaii Star or Vlogger consider becoming an official Kawaii.com Ambassador.

As Kawaii.com Ambassador you will get amazing rewards for being an official associate of Kawaii.com.

  • Receive all the latest sponsor items
  • get VIP exposure for your own websites
  • be visible in the Kawaii Ambassadors list on our website with active link to a page of your choice
  • all your tweets will be shared on our homepage (use @kawaiiapp to tag your posts)
  • be part of the annual kawaii.com conference in Tokyo
  • represent kawaii.com on worldwide events
  • get free photo shootings and be the face of the brand
  • get free banner space on kawaii.com to promote yourself our your partner products

As kawaii.com associate you will be part of the development process of kawaii.com. Your ideas will be incorporated in the future versions of the platform. You will get a certificate for your work for kawaii.com that you can use for your CV.

Use this text on your social media pages:

Ambassador of kawaii.com -The Cosplay Patron


Official Ambassador of kawaii.com

Apply as Ambassador*
*You need to have at least 100K followers on one Social Media Channel to apply. Associate contract time min.1 year.


If you have a question let us know. We'll get back to you, asap.

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