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Hey Everyone! My name is Kawehi Kanoho-Kalahiki (pronounced kah-vay-he) , but you can call me Kay, KayKay or Wehi, since Hawaiian names are usually really hard to pronounce! I am from Volcano, Hawaii and will be moving to Honolulu, Hawaii in December 2016 to pursue my dream of being a streamer and cosplayer! I started out as a League of Legend player who mains in support and adc where I would literally skipped classes in college just to play (don't tell my mom about that) for hours on end. Not long after my league of legend phase, I realized that I sorta-kinda have a nack for scary makeup. As of recently, I am still playing A LOT of PC games and have taken a liking to Overwatch and Elder Scrolls Online and even more recently COSPLAY! An old friend and partner I worked with when I was 17 had this crazy idea to start a business around cosplay, makeup, dancing and gaming to put everything I am decent in, into a career. I am going to be completely honest, it sounded crazy at first to make money playing video games and making awesome-ass cosplays for a living. And my first showcased cosplay as DJ Sona at Kawaii Kon 2016 in Honolulu, Hawaii made me realize that anything is literally possible!

My first ever cosplay was as Nidalee from League of Legends at Kawaii Kon 2015 on April 7th. The story goes, that my friend kept boasting about this anime convention that she worked security for every year and how much fun it was. I really wanted to go, but she had no spare space in her hotel room and I did not know any cosplayers in Honolulu (TBH i didnt know what cosplay was). I guess you can say my prayers were answered because one of her hotel mates dropped out last second and she needed someone to cover the remainder costs in hotel fees. I was more than happy to oblige! Then it dawned on me... Don't people dress up at these things? Although she told me that not everyone dresses up, I was not about to go as nothing! I has 2 days till my flight to Kawaii Kon and I worked my butt off finding scrap materials at our only local fabric store in little old Hilo, Hawaii. It wasnt all that great, but I had a BLAST! I fell in love with the community and the people and the idea of cosplaying! (So much so that by the time it was already over I was planning my 2016 cosplays!)

Cosplaying, makeup tutorials, modeling, gaming and streaming as a hobby, passion and career sounds almost impossible and questionable. But to be completely honest, it has been the best thing to happen to me! I have always been walked over in my life and talked down to, even bullied, and all my passions combined really brought me up to reach for the impossible and make it a reality. I am hoping to grow more and gain more skills through trial, error and a WHOLE LOT OF PRACTICE! And I really hope that you will be a part of my journey!


The reason that I have made my Account is truly for my followers! Makeup, cosplay materials, producing quality videos and streams make me EXTREMELY happy and the positive responses that I receive back on it all make all the time, blood, sweat, tears and resources more than worth it. Without you folks, I would not be where I am and I would not be heading into the direction I am going in, without your full support. The support that I receive from all of you helps to push me to create more content and its the absolute least I can do to help you with your projects and give some advice tot he best of my ability! I am still learning myself and will probably continue to learn more everyday, and when I figure it out, I would love to share it with you! Please know that I love and cherish all forms of support from you, if that is $1 a month on Patreon, a follow back on any of my social media platforms, sending me a message on IG or FB, sharing and tagging me in photos, saying "hi" or just spending sometime talking if we run into each other!

As I have mentioned previously, there is a lot of recourses that go into creating most of my content. I want to be able to provide the absolute best content for all my followers; wheather that is cosplay making, photoshoots, prints, videos, gaming quality, prizes, and so much more! As a fresh out of college graduate who graduated with three degrees, who is still chasing a dream to follow her passion, its no surprise that my chosen passion can be VERY costly. I have lived on my own away from my family since I was 17 years old and am always working a job or two to make ends meet in my daily life as well as some extra cash to make some awesome cosplay ideas come to life as well as pay for the expences to attend conventions off isalnd since there aren't many in Hawaii to begin with!

All cards on the table, making sure that I have all my ducks in a row when it comes to making ends meet will always be the most important thing. With Patreon and your help, I will be able to continue to learn and grow as a gamer and artist and produce a lot more content and sooner. Personally, I am someone that sets high expectations for myself and will always want to do things better the next time around or take things one step higher. I also would love to make how-tos, tutorials, step-by-step instruction videos, advice and patterns for you folks so that you can recreate what I am doing if you like it!

I am still starting out and will be adding many more things content wise and pledge wise as my move to Honolulu, Oahu draws near. It will always be my promise to you folks that I will always give back to anyone that supports me on Patreon. There will ALWAYS be something in it for you. Patreon will be used as a way of giving my followers exclusive content and access to things that will not be posted on other public platforms. Of course, those who choose the pledge in the higher tiers will recieve monthly rewards in the mail. I have to say, mahalo nui loa (thank you VERY much) for all your support and help to get me where I am today and where I will be in the future! <3


Is there a risk? I don't thinks so :)


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MISSchief808 is creating Cosplay, Vlogs, Make-up Tutorials & Video Gameplay
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This means a lot to me that you are willing to help me with my projects! For your pledge of $1 a month will grant you access to my VIP Activity Area where you where you can see..."

  • First access to vlogs
  • Notifications of my upcoming plans and projects
  • Access to photos from my work in progresses
  • Tips
  • Early sneak peeks at everything that is going on with me BEFORE its posted to my public platforms
Pledge $7 or more: $7.00
Thank you so much for your support on my journey!! $7 a month will definitely help cover costs of acrylic paints, cotton fabrics, paint brushes, glue and so much more!"
  • All the perks of being in the Bronze MISSchief Minion Tier! AND MONTHLY...
  • Personalized "thank you"s just for you
  • A MISSchief808 logo sticker
  • And other little goodies!
Pledge $10 or more: $10.00
$10 a month can help cover important parts needed in cosplay, such as; clasps, Velcro, cement glue, modpodge & a other essentials like PVC pipes & connecting pieces!!"
  • All the perks of being in the Silver MISSchief Minion Tier!
  • First access to stream highlights, cosplay & makeup tutorials & bloopers
  • Entered into drawing for Patreon only community games 9 winners a week!
  • Access to private Misschief808 Minions FB group
Pledge $15 or more: $15.00

One things about living in Hawaii is the prices on shipping things! With your pledge, I can afford to cover shipping costs to get materials from off island to me & even in ONE DAY SHIPPING!!"

  • All the perks of being in the Gold MISSchief Minion Tier!
  • CHOOSE which 8x10 photo you would like and I will sign it for you!
  • First access to cosplay & fashion shoots
  • Guaranteed slot in community games
  • You guys pick the game I play on Minion Monday!
  • Entered into monthly drawing for 1380 RP!
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