Why kawaii.com?

1. Cosplay fans want to see cosplay creators only. They don’t want to spend time for searching a platform and see tons of projects that are not relevant for them.

2. “Kawaii” is THE power word when it comes to cute cosplay. Millions of fans search for it and they land here on kawaii.com. To have a kawaii.com account will boost your reach and make you famous fast.

3. On kawaii.com you can even earn money by featuring the projects of others with amazing 10% cash reward. No other crowdfunding platform offers that.

4. “Buy me a coffee”-donate buttons from other websites are great but limited to a certain amount of small payments due to Paypal restrictions. On kawaii.com you get your own donate button with unlimited payment possibilities. Let your fans decide how much they want to pay you on a monthly basis. 30$, 50$ or 100$ ? Its up to them.

5. When you donate for a project of someone else you will be automatically promoted yourself. Because your profile will be featured in the backers list. Like this you can benefit from the fans of other cosplayers.

6. Kawaii.com was created by cosplayers for other cosplayers. Our aim is to promote cosplayers (starters and established artists) and to be independent from the price politics of the big crowdfunding websites. At the moment we charge 5% but soon we want to lower the fee to 2 %. As a creator on kawaii.com we will constantly feature you all over our network.

7. Other platforms basically want you to promote yourself. They have so many different creators and projects that it would be simply not possible to act differently. Kawaii.com is at the heart a promotion agency for Cosplayers and Kawaii Girls. We think longterm and we do everything to promote you and to boost your career.

8. On kawaii.com you can get a major sponsor deal from our partner brands. They are all related to the fashion, beauty and cosplay world and they are picking the right artists on our platform and sign longterm deals.

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